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We look forward to working very closely with you, developing and producing solutions to your specific, custom requirements that are not being met with off the shelf products.

1003 Asbestos Free Duct Sealing Compound

Thumb-grade sealant designed for sealing in and around conduit, electrical boxes, flashing, ect. Gray color is standard but available in custom colors.

1004 Sound Barrier Pads

Light gray, permanently soft, self-adhering pad. Excellent sealing properties as well as sound deadening characteristics.

1005 Thumb Grade Sealer

Black, thumb-grade sealant designed for various applications were excellent adhesion and moisture barrier properties are desired.

1103 Butyl Sealant Tape

Light gray, permanently flexible butyl sealant tape suitable for use in multiple industries. Will adhere to steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, and concrete.

1104 Butyl Sealant Tape

Our premium, UL Classified, FDA approved, butyl sealant tape. Permanently flexible, non-curing, formulated specifically for the demands of the HVAC industry.

1106 Pumpable Butyl Sealant (Drum or Pails)

One component, non-drying, permanently flexible, pump-able material designed for sealing rigid expansion joints between combinations of wood, class, metal, and masonry surfaces.

1110 Butyl Sealant Tape

Light gray, permanently flexible butyl sealant tape specially formulated for the metal building industry, offering optimum adhesion, elongation, and tensile strength.


1111 Butylog Sealant Tape

Light gray, permanently soft, tacky sealant specifically designed for the Log Home Industry. Used in tongue and groove joints, spline joints, and generally to seal out air and moisture.

1201 Electrical | Industrial Tape

Black, electrical insulation sealing mastic. Used for insulating and protection of low-voltage connectors. Resists weather, soil, salt spray, diluted acids, sodium hydroxide, and alcohol.

1203 Windshield | Industrial Tape

Black, windshield sealer that is permanently tacky and is formulated to bond automotive glass to the car body in full-cut installation procedures.

1205 Black Butyl Sealant Tape

Black, flexible self-adhering sealant compound. Suitable for use in multiple industries in tape, bead, or pad form.

1401 Cork Insulation Tape

Light gray sealant tape specially developed for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Also effective as a sound deadening barrier and as a gasket material.

1500 Foundry Sealer (Copeseal)

Dark brown, fibrous dough-like mastic especially compounded for use in foundries as an effective seal to be used on parting line of the mold to prevent metal “run-outs” or “fins”.

1003.1 Asbestos Free Duct Sealing Compound

White, thumb-grade sealant adapted specifically for the refrigeration industry. Seals and creates a barrier against air and moisture.

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