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Here at Sealers, we welcome the challenge of working very closely with you, developing and producing solutions to your specific, custom requirements that are not being satisfied with the normal off the shelf products out there today.

Our research and technical staff has a proven reputation as active, responsive, and successful developers of the products you need. Our Research and Development facilities support a full range of product development needs, including but not limited to polymer characterization, formulation and compounding, performance properties testing and environmental testing.

When it comes to making permanent joints between materials such as metals, plastics, alloys, logs, electrical contacts, wood, glass, etc., Sealer’s adhesive technology really stands out among the industry…….the results of the dedication that is placed in our company’s ongoing research program.
New industrial applications call for new materials and new technology in applying these materials; still light in weight, but capable of withstanding extreme static and dynamic stresses that continue to evolve as the respective industries evolve. We here at Sealer’s are committed to the permanent, ongoing search for new, more economical, ecologically friendlier and more durable solutions.

Give us a call, or use the product inquiry form on this website to provide detail on your specific needs and requirements and we will get back to you quickly, with a custom solution that specifically meets and exceeds your requirements.